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Speech by the Beach

Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy
Linwood, NJ

Our Practice

Speech by the Beach in Linwood, NJ is a clinician-owned practice where our clients' needs always come first. Our experienced and highly trained therapists offer speech, language, and occupation therapy in a warm and nurturing environment. Click here to learn more about our practice.

Our Commitment

At Speech by the Beach, we are committed to listening to our clients and their families…to their concerns, questions, celebrations, to everything they have to share. It is in these conversations that we are able to identify the best approach to achieving goals. Click here to meet our talented team.

Getting Started

Our journey together will start with a conversation about your child's current abilities and your vision for their future successes. From there a thorough evaluation/assessment will guide our treatment plan to best achieve your family's goals. Click here to learn more about our process.

What We Offer

Our expert team works closely with our clients and their families to understand the whole context and use a person-centered approach to deliver therapy that will lead to lifelong success.

Our team uses a combination of conversation, observation, standardized assessments, and therapist-client interaction, to develop a comprehensive understanding of each client's skills and challenges. Evaluations are used to guide individualized therapy plans and goals. 

We are dedicated to supporting clients in achieving lasting communication success. Using evidence-based therapy approaches, we provide individualized therapy to address speech, language, feeding, literacy, executive functioning, and social skills for children birth to 21.

Our client-centered occupational therapy addresses fine motor, sensory-regulation, self-help, and coordination, using evidence-based approaches. Our expert services are designed to increase our clients' skills and confidence.

Speech by the Beach is offering speech and occupational therapy services via teletherapy. Our team is dedicated to delivering the same quality therapy and keeping our clients engaged through interactive and evidence-based sessions.

We have experienced speech-language pathologists on our team who work with adults in the areas of - voice, motor speech, language, and cognition. LSVT services are available to address voice changes associated with Parkinson's Disease. We also offer transgender voice therapy via teletherapy.

Empowering the most important people in our clients' lives ensures continued support and success outside of structured therapy. During each therapy session, parents are given the skills to confidently support and foster development at home and in the community.

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Contact Us To Get Started Today

Speech by the Beach, located in Linwood, NJ, provides the highest quality services to our community. Get in touch today and speak directly with Jessica Peller, M.S., CCC-SLP, to discuss your concerns, get your questions answered, and determine the best next step.

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